Uber To Give Room For Apps Tipping As The Company Faces Challenges

You already know that Uber, one of the big players in the transportation industry, does not allow their drivers to be tipped by any of the passengers they render service to. The company has always believed in saving passengers from the need to pay additional expenses in the form of tip so that the fee that charge will be seen as better than what is obtainable in other rival companies. Of course it was a good idea they did that. But they never knew that every decision a company takes has big impact on the way its services are rendered. Be that as it may, the pattern of rendering services to clients or customers as the case may be determines the amount of satisfaction such clients get from the rendered services. It must not be ignored that everyone is a rational thinker by nature.

You see people going back to places where they derived optimum satisfaction each time the need arise for such services again. As a matter of fact, some passengers may want to see a few places or buy some things along the way before they arrive their destinations. But they can’t do that because it is not allowed. Be that as it may, people see it better to patronize other transportation companies that give room for modifications especially when there are other things they need to perfect on the way.

It should be noted that drivers of these rival companies accepts tips from passengers and show them much courtesy as they render services to them. Beside this, they know every link road in the city and this helps them to complete the rendering of their services in no distant time. Of course, the industry is highly competitive and it takes practices of international standard to stay calm in the industry. Anything short of that might spell doom for every company in the industry. In relation to the above, Uber has had to contend with series of publicity problems in the last few months.

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By the virtue of the above, the CEO, Mr Travis Kalanick had to tender his resignation letter as the pressure became more intense especially from those who invested in the company. Of course, when investors notice that money in the form of dividends of investment is not coming in as it should, they won’t be happy. After all, they are business oriented men who want profit at all cost. As a matter of fact, the representatives of Uber who remained promised that there will be changes in the way the business of the company is done so that the company stay strong in the industry.


Based on the need to make the company stronger, it was agreed that the culture of the company need to be looked into and the manner at which drivers relate with the passengers. Once this is done, the company should be able to make huge impact in the business more than it has always recorded in the past few years. However, there is every need that drivers of the company are trained especially on how to show courtesy and respect to the immediate needs of the passengers they render service for. This will go a long way to help them build trust in the company.


Be that as it may, this can only be achieved when Uber drivers begin to get the tips that rival companies allow their drivers to get. Otherwise, the desired change will never come to reality. In a bid to make this change a reality, Uber decided to announce the sharing of benefits accruable from the change in the policies with the drivers. This is expected to be the case for a period of six months. To carry the drivers all along, Rachel Holt, an head of the department where products for drivers reside, made it known that it was long overdue. This he said so as to give the drivers a sense of belonging in the company.


Of course, when you know that your company is bothered about improvement in your welfare, it will earn your trust and you will begin to do your work with every diligence it requires. Thus, the drivers were made to know that there will be tremendous improvement in their entitlements and as such their services will be less stressful for them. Of course, results will be attained where employees see themselves knitted to their organizations at https://www.rydely.com/ .


From reliable source, this tip option in the Uber app will get to every city in the States before the end of July. And you can continue to enjoy Uber like it has never been before. In addition to the above, riders will be paying for any delay they cause drivers once it is two minutes after they must have arrived. And every other charge will be shown to the cities when the app is fully launched.